Traveling 'Roons: Chapter One


The small city on a hill north of Rome by an hour. You take the train in from Rome and ride the funicular up the mountain, then everything is walkable! The main road takes you through the whole city and has all the popular food stops, eventually leading you to Il Duomo, the town's big cathedral. The front of the cathedral is a mosaic facade of biblical stories made by different generations, and the sides are black and white stripes.

The city wakes up around 7am with the shops owners coming up from the town below. Most places close for reposo, afternoon naps, between 1pm-4pm, and families go out at night for late dinners. There were multiple times a child in a stroller was out past our bedtime.

This town is pretty quiet but with a lot of traditional spirit especially during their flower festival in the beginning of June. There's a local market Thursdays and Saturdays where we found the BIGGEST watermelons and most delicious figs we've ever had! When it's hot outside you stop in cafes more often than not and order something iced- if you want to be obvious that you're a tourist order a cappuccino after the morning. They WILL make fun of you. Instead you can ask for a cafe latte :)

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