Photo taken by Morgan Thomas

Photo taken by Morgan Thomas

 National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Our Rickaroons wouldn’t be the ‘roons they are today if it weren’t for a strong woman living with MS.

Rick swims regularly at La Jolla High School’s pool and one day years ago he met an awesome woman. They started dating and Rick soon learned that she had MS. He was shocked because on the outside was a strong, beautiful “healthy looking” woman, but underneath the surface her body was being ravaged by the disease.

She was known for her sweet tooth and Rick was known for his baking. When she doctors told her to stay away from gluten and dairy products, she famously turned to Rick and said “If you really love me, you’ll make me a cookie I can eat.”

And he did.

Rick started experimenting in the kitchen that day. The first dairy free, gluten free, grain free Rickaroon came out of his tiny kitchen shortly after. She made sure there were plenty of chocolate chips included :) She lived with MS for several years after that and passed away in 2013. Her courage and life inspire us daily and is the reason we donate 100% of our profits made at National MS events to the Foundation. Every dollar helps bring us closer to finding a cure.

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