Rickarooner (n): Rick - uh - roo - nurr

A health conscious and ethically conscientious person who seeks and attains excellence in their field through hard work, will power, and integrity. The search for greatness and meaning never ends for a Rickarooner. He or she constantly seeks out greater challenges and higher mountains to climb.

Carter Graves - Water Woman

Abby Gustaitis - USA Rugby Star

Sarah Hokom - Disc Golf Champion

Christine Jennings - Disc Golf Guru

Jess Rocheleau - Triathlete

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*If you align with the above values and are interested in becoming a Rickarooner, send us an email at info@rickaroons.com. Please send 2-5 photos of you living your best life and describe how you emulate the Rickarooner lifestyle in under 100 words.