USA Womens Olympic Skiing Team

Today I had the opportunity and fortune to work out with USA women's Olympic downhill ski team. The firefighters at the nearby firehouse often work out at the beach near the lifeguard station, and sometimes the lifeguards will jump right in alongside. Well today the Olympians, Firefighters, and Lifeguards joined forces to inspire each other in one hot, sandy, beach workout. I have exercised with a lot of great athletes but never an entire Olympic team. Today I was in for a treat as 8 of the girls on the women's Olympic ski team came especially to work out with us.

We pulled fire hose for a couple hours, ran a in some deep soft sand, and swam through PB Crystal Pier. By the end, the 8 Olympians and the firefighters were all starving so naturally we had to break out the Rickaroons! Some of the girls were pumped about the Rickaroons being Gluten Free, some about them being vegan. But every one of them had a big smile after eating their first, and then second, and some of them, their third Rickaroon. We've decided to be an unofficial sponsor, so we came back the next day to deliver more Rickaroons to the girls. They earned it!

Who knows what our connection to the US Olympic Women's Downhill Skiing Team will be in the future, but it sure was fun seeing America's athletic representatives crushing workouts and then crushing Rickaroons.  

We Will See You Next Week Mr. Farmers Market

We didn't really know what to expect. Would people try our product? Would the weather comply? Would we be able to compete a few booths from the Cravery? There were so many what-ifs leading into the first farmers market ever for Rickaroons. A huge learning experience, we left happy, satisfied, and most importantly - confirmed by the masses. Towards the end of the day we had rows of people at our table three or four people deep. We literally couldn't cut the samples fast enough. So thank you to everyone who came to the market - the family from Idaho, the girls from Canada, the kids who demanded Rickaroons from their parents, and everyone else who made our first farmers market a success. 

See you Sunday! 9am-1pm, La Jolla Elementary

First Farmers Market - La Jolla Elementary Sundays

Doing something for the first time always seems to be a longer process than expected. But after tons of work, we are finally ready to be at our first ever farmers market! This Sunday, June 16, La Jolla Elementary School, 7335 Girard, Rickaroons will be sold like never our own hand! So if you have a spare moment this Sunday, we would love to see as many friends as possible swing by and try Rickaroons and see them in the air tight packaging that gives these bad boys a full two month shelf life.  

Hope to see you there! 

Iron Man Champion Susan Norman Photo Shoot With Grandson

We had the good fortune of working with Susan Norman, Iron Man World Champion, this past weekend. Janalyn and I don't usually feel like the most nonathletic people in the room, but that's how it felt when we were with Susan, her husband, two of her three sons, and their wives. Every single one of them had completed at least one Iron Man. Of course we were there for Susan, since she is a champion of champions. At age 72 she is an inspiration to people of all ages. It wasn't until she had 3 sons that she started training for triathlons and at 71 she won her latest Iron Man - the big kahuna - Kona. Humble as pie, Susan's husband has to be the one to boast of her accomplishments or else no one would know that she wins every race she competes in and is running out of room to store all her gold medals.

The photo shoot went great with Susan, as expected. The funniest part though was the priceless face on her grandson's face after an unfortunate turn of events stemming from a shortage of Rickaroons. The whole day the two 2-year old grandsons, Noah and Calvin, were eating Rickaroons like it was their job. However when we finally turned the camera towards them, we were out of Rickaroons - minus the one that Calvin had dropped in the salty bay water. I figured getting him to eat it would be like taking candy from a baby. Apparently it was not. Calvin was vehemently opposed to water logged Rickaroons and let me know he was unhappy. The emotional progression from delight to disgust was perfectly photographed and documented below. I guess the important thing is that we learned that Rickaroons soaking wet in the salty water of Mission Bay do not taste as good as freshly baked, non-soaking wet Rickaroons. We never would have known were it not for Calvin. For that, we would like to take a minute and thank Calvin for teaching us a valuable lesson. Thanks Cal!

First Cafes Sell Out In Less Than a Week

We had our first two retail customers last week - JA Java downtown and Te Mana Cafe in OB. Both ordered a few dozen and both called today to let us know that they were all sold out and would like to double their orders. It's a great feeling to know that complete strangers love Rickaroons as much as all of our friends do. It confirms that most people weren't just being nice when they had that first moment of delight at their first bite of a Rickaroon.

So thanks to everyone supporting us out there. The suggestions for cafes we should contact are extremely appreciated. If you have any suggestions, let us know in this survey that will take you 10 seconds: Cafes That Should Sell Rickaroons

Te Mana Cafe

Today will go down as a big day in the history of Rickaroons. Janalyn serendipitously ran into some old friends on Friday. Since seeing her last, her friends had started Te Mana Cafe, a Hawaiian themed cafe in Ocean Beach, one block west from OB People's. Janalyn just happened to have some Rickaroon samples to share and the owners of course loved them. They ordered two dozen on the spot. Today my dad and I stopped in to make a personal delivery and met one of the owners and her son (who ate two of the samples before we could even finalize our first sale). 

Long story short - one dozen Megaroons and one dozen Origiroons are now eagerly awaiting the first ever retail customers of Rickaroons. Swing by 4956 Voltaire in Ocean Beach and grab a Rickaroon today.

Oh happy day.

First Time In a Bakery

We are a few months in and the feedback from the world has been tremendous. We are starting to meet with cafe owners and the responses are all positive. Up until now we have been working to perfect the innerworkings of Rickaroons and foundation to build upon. Today we accomplished something big - our first test bake. We walked in with a whole bunch of healthy ingredients and walked out with 600 Rickaroons - 300 Megaroons and 300 Origiroons. AND every one of them is individually wrapped - ready to be shipped, stored, OR unwrapped and eaten.

In other news, we are making huge strides towards getting Rickaroons in cafes. Our very first retailer will be JA Java, 1100 Third Avenue, San Diego, CA.

By next week we expect to be in Temana Cafe. and hopefully a few other places. Stay tuned. The Rickaroons train is just getting started.

...And Then A New Flavor Idea Popped Into My Head

This weekend was a great opportunity to sample out some 'roons to the assembled denizens at the Virginia State Frisbee Championships. Since I didn't play all the events, I had ample time to hunt down long-time friends and make sure they got a Rickaroon of their very own---or at least one to share.

The reaction was as I'd hoped it would be- unanimous smiles, thumbs up, and pleasure moans. Sometime during the weekend, someone suggested something citrus flavored. I decided to try out a lime-flavored 'roon when I got home, so as soon as I woke up the morning after a late arrival, I made sure I picked up some limes to try out in a batch. 

I have to say that the key lime (working title) is going to be a key player in the product mix. It's refreshing, full-flavored, rich, and decidedly different than any of the other chocolate based 'roon flavors. We're sending out a sample of the key lime 'roon with each order that goes out this week. 

Open Doors

Every day it seems like a new door opens. Or maybe it's a window of opportunity. Regardless of the metaphor you want to choose, big things are happening. We are in the process of setting up a test bake which will yield us 600 Rickaroons. Naturally we want to have a place for these 600 Rickaroons to go, so we've been stepping up the sales now that we have the foundation built. So far we've met coffee cart owners, cafe owners, wine bar owners, and even winery owners who all think that Rickaroons are the best thing since sliced bread, if sliced bread were to pair perfectly with coffee or wine. We're also getting new Rickarooners all the time. We are getting great feedback on the pictures we post of our Rickarooners so we will keep them coming. One of these days we will have a photo contest for Citizen Rickarooners. The possibilities are endless. Building a business is a lot of work, but this business is a happy one.