Favorite Rickaroon?


How did you rise to the top of your field?

I've been an athlete my whole life. Disc golf is a unique sport that one can play throughout one's life and be challenged constantly by the varied throws and terrains. Therefore, as a person always striving to be my best self, disc golf keeps pushing me to new heights, simply by the nature of the sport.

How does nutrition play a role in your life?

Nutrition affects my performance, recovery, emotional wellbeing and overall health, so I'm always trying to eat right. Rickaroons gives me the opportunity to eat healthy, while enjoying a delicious snack.

When do you eat Rickaroons?

I eat Rickaroons any time of day. I like them for breakfast, for a snack during the day, to refuel in the middle of a round and even as dessert!

How have you been doing?

All-American Volleyball Player-NCAA (2004)

George Washington University Athletic Hall of Fame (inducted in 2016)

2012 Disc Golf World Champion

2014 & 2016 US Champion

2018 Pro Tour Champion

2018 Pro Tour Player of the Year